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Social Media

At IPA we work hard to provide candidates with a dynamic social media presence. In coordination with your organization or campaign, we will: 

  • Schedule consistent social media posts

  • Expand reach on current platforms as well as introduce your message to new platforms

  • Monetize your social media content 

  • Design social media graphics 

  • Design and oversee implementation of digital ads 

  • Analyze social media engagement patterns and provide data-driven suggestions

Strategic Comms

Strategic communications are the backbone of any political cause and at IPA we work with clients to provide the most strategic, comprehensive communications plan by: 

  • Messaging development and review 

  • Coordinating endorsements

  • Surrogate recruitment and management 

  • Email fundraising 

  • Mailer design 

  • Developing and implementing earned media strategies

  • Overseeing paid media engagements

Press Coverage

Public speaking can be hard and filing for office doesn't automatically change that. At IPA, we work closely with candidates by providing coaching services in the following ways: 

  • Drafting, reviewing, and practicing stump speeches 

  • Call time, fundraiser, and meeting communications analysis 

  • Developing key talking points and training candidate and staff to effectively execute

  • Debate/townhall prep

Public Speaker
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