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Providing research-backed roadmaps that will create strong relationships and maximize potential.


Leveraging your network

  • A Detailed Dive Into Your Life Story and Professional History

    • Potential Rolodexing of Your Contacts

  • Developing a Pitch Just for You

  • Custom Fundraising Plan with Benchmarks

  • Setting Appropriate “Asks” for Each Contact


targeted focus + time

  • Four Hours per Week of Staff Call Time

    • We will provide staff to assist during call-time for the highest value donors and help with coaching, critiquing, and taking notes during this call-time.

  • Staff Training for Call Time

    • Either Campaign Manager or Dedicated Volunteer


Event management

Fundraisers are a cornerstone of political campaigns, and our fundraising experts work directly with candidates & their teams to plan virtual & in-person fundraising events on a regular basis. From planning & promotion to staffing & analysis, we'll be a partner to your campaign every step of the way. 

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