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Getting Started

Before you can run a field program whether that be virtual or traditional, you need a field staff. From staff recruitment to training to weekly check-ins with your staff, IPA will help ensure your staff has the tools they need to run an engaging field program. Moreover, IPA will research your district and offer a field plan that works for your team and budget. 


Capacity Consistency

The partners at IPA want to be just that: partners with your team as you reach out to voters. We help manage your field staff, volunteers, software, and tools to ensure your campaign and/or organization is successfully able to connect with your community. The collective experience building capacity between IPA partners is what makes us unique: learn about Integrated Capacity Building here.


Not a candidate?

Our work isn't limited to candidate campaigns! We also work with non-profits, corporations interested in CSR, and PACs to provide targeted outreach strategies, professional/political development training, and much much more. To find out how Impact Public Affairs can help your organization give us a call at (206) 504-1117 to set up a time to discuss your organizational needs. 

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